Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baby Barnes' Gifts

The gifts that Goody Stuff created for her new nephew on the way were one of kind Goody Stuff originals.  Each had their very own special theme. 

At the first shower in Parsons Tn the theme was football.  I know that both Mom and Dad love to watch some UT football.  Mom has made it perfectly clear that she is a Tennessee Girl!  I think that they were a hit!  These hats had an outfit that was a football shirt, navy pants with a football on the bottom, and a bib with a football on it. 
Helmet Head Hat (Can be made for any team!) 

Football Head (Can even add a bow for a little girl!)
Then at the shower that I helped host there were 2 themes.  The first was a sweet blue gown with a beanie hat, and gown.  All of which were very classy looking and can be passed down and shared with a baby brother in the future!  ;)

The second theme was a fall harvest theme.  I made a burp cloth with a appliqued truck hauling a pumpkin, a brown onsie to match, and a punkin head hat! 

Punkin Head hat.  This one is a beanie, but they can also be made like a newsboy. 
Then the mother-in-law was going with a cowboy theme.  She asked me to fix her a few burp cloths that went with a sketch she had bought from Joe Vick that was a little boy riding a spring horse that resembled my brother as a little boy.  Here is what I came up with.

Then The Grand B had a few things that she needed the Goody Stuff magic touch applied too as well. 

Here is an up close picture of the wagon onsie that I made for the decorations that hung on the banner. 

When he gets here he will be decked out in B and Barnes clothes and blankets.  Looks to me like he is already spoiled rotten!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby Barnes Showers.

Now that all of the gifts have been opened and I have received the approval of the new mom and dad to be I can show off what all I have been so busy working on these past few months.  My brother Bryan and his wife Jessica are expecting their first baby.  The first boy since my brother came along.  Bryan was the only boy at that so he is considered the "Golden Child".  I hope that he's ready to give up his title!  I am the oldest by 22 months.  Bryan was the second grand child then we have 3 first cousins and all 3 are GIRLS!  So when I was expecting I hoped for a boy, but we were blessed with two healthy girls. Then Jessica's brother and his wife have a daughter who is 6 or 7 and then this past November they had another little girl.  So he is also the first grandson and nephew on her side as well.  Needless to say this baby BOY is already SPOILED ROTTEN!!!

Whitney, Jessica's sister-in-law helped host a baby shower on August 3rd and the load filled the back seat of Bryan's truck.  Here are a few of the treasures that they got at the first shower. 


The dump truck was a huge hit by Jessica and all who attended.  Mom had made 3 blankets and had me embroider on them and stuck them in the back of the truck.  The books were titled "Say Daddy" and there was one about Momma too. 

Doesn't it look like she got lots of treasures in Parsons? 
Megan, Jessica Ozburn and Me hosted another shower on August 24th at Mamaw and Papaw's house for them.  We all 4 had a blast planning and preparing for the party.  We decided that we would use red wagons to decorate.  The baby's room doesn't have a "theme", but she is using a red wagon in it and rustic old toys of Bryan's.  So we went with red wagons.  For food we decided on a nacho buffet with brownie bites, "Ready to Pop" Snickers popcorn, and "Goodnight Moon" Moon Pies.  Here are the decorations we used that I had created. 
Crocheted hat, a onsie with a red wagon that has 'Barnes' embroidered on it, blue jeans, and brown boots. 
About to Pop snickers pop corn, brownie bites, and Goodnight Moon Moon Pies

We borrowed a wagon from NAN to put the chips in and it was adorable! 
Toppings for the nochos included; taco meat, beans, rice, cheese, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, 3 different kinds of salsas, and white cheese dip.  To drink we had tea and lemonade and water and we drank out of jars.

Here is one of the door decorations that I made for the door. 

Here is the door from the carport to the kitchen that we decorated too. 
Loads of gifts were brought in with smiling excited faces.  Folks were eager to greet and socialize with Bryan and Jessica.  Jessica has been on bed rest so she was camped out in a comfy chair with her feet up.  We had folks bring baby pictures of themselves and passed them around to share with everyone to see if folks recognized anyone.  After everyone saw all of the pictures we had folks introduce themselves and show everyone which picture was theirs.  We also had a sheet where folks could fill in the blanks that was entitled "wishes for baby"  Jessica and Bryan can reflect back and save these for when baby Barnes is older. 
Here is Jessica and Bryan opening gifts. 

Mom had fixed a basket with some books and toys that were Bryan's as a baby.  She also included some of his old outfits.  I think Jessica was thinking he was a sweet little fella, but Bryan looks like he is less than impressed. 

Lillie and Lydia got him a lambie wubba nub.  Bryan and Jessica gave Lillie a Lambie with taggies all over it when she as born at the hospital.  She still carries Lambie and Lambie is the cure all to so many of our troubles.   
Daddy Mike told Mom that she was making him too sissified and she needed to get him something ORANGE so he would know how his blood was supposed to flow!  She had GOODY STUFF applique the bib and onsie.

Megan found a one piece outfit that said LITTLE MAN.  That is what Jessica calls him! 

I think that she thought it was sweet!

Mamaw had worked on a quilt that was a little dutch boy with blue jeans pulling a wagon that has a bear in the wagon.  Bryan had a bear that he carried everywhere with him as a little boy.
All in all it was a fun day and smiles were on everyone's faces.  We can't wait to meet the little man and hug and love on him.  I know he will be as sweet as his momma with just enough mean-ness like his daddy. 
Here is myself, Jessica Barnes, Megan Hart (first cousin), Jessica Ozburn (first cousin)

Myself, Jessica Barnes, Bryan Barnes, Grand B (Bryan and Bridgette's mom) and Mamaw (Bryan and Bridgette's grandmother).
We failed to take pictures of Jessica's family.  We didn't do pictures until it was time to clean up.  We'll have to do better next time!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Garden Flag Goodies!

In the fall of 2012 I was asked by a regular customer if I could make a personalized custom garden flag.  My eyebrows went up and I said most likely.  Since then I have created several different designs.  I have give them as gifts, sold them, and kept them for myself. 

With burlap being all the rage these days I then decided I would try to create some out of burlap.  I personally love the burlap flags.  The burlap can be dressed up or cutesy-fied depending on the design and colors that are chosen for the designs.  I have had a lady ask me to make one with a rooster, bee hive, and then just classic letter monograms.

 More designs are to come with the fall approaching.  Contact me if you are interested in ordering your own personal customized flag!  Flag prices range from $25-$35 depending on the design.