Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Goody Stuff story.

Goody Stuff started as a name that my grandfather, Papaw, gave me when I was a little girl. I had ringlet girls all over my head that made me look similar to Shirley Temple and my Papaw is bald.  He taught me to answer when folks would ask where I got my curls that I got them from my Papaw. 
Goody Stuff's curly head!
  Papaw would carry me on his shoulders to get up the cows on his dairy farm, Four Bees Farm, when  I was little.  I would ride in his International tractor with him while he cut hay, chopped silage, and was with him feeding the cows in the red farm truck.  I was and will forever be his Goody Stuff.

Goody Stuff showing Lucille with Papaw at the Tennessee State Fair.

 I have always LOVED HATS!!!  When I started my business in 2009 I started with crocheted hats.
Me in a bonnet
My Aunt Brenda and Me when I was little!
 My Aunt Brenda had taught me to crochet and I had figured out how to make hats for my daughters Lillie and Lydia.  I put the hats on them every time we would go out to keep their ears covered in the cold air.  When we would go out with one on everyone would ask where I had found those hats.  When my response was that I had made them folks began asking me to make them some.

Red beanies that the girls wore on the Christmas card in 2009.

 As the girls got older I began being frugal like my mother and Mamaw by creating outfits for them with t-shirts that I had been embellished with an applique for season, special occasions, and for everyday.  Folks then began to be fans of them as well and wanted me to make shirts for them. 

Lillie in a Punkin shirt when she was about 4!

Over the years I have been making things for my children and for gifts for other children and enjoy creating and crafting that I decided to compile all of my Goodies and put them under one umbrella or one business name.  I had branched out and had started making personalized plaques, burlap garden flags, appliqued and embroidered shirts, monogrammed shirts and dish towels, embroidered and embellished dish towels, vinyl decals, and who knows what else will strike me as a goody!  With all of the vast goodies that I had started creating a name that was more descriptive of what I made and were available was more than a challenge.  I thought about it for over 2 months and it hit me that Papaw was on to it even when I as a small child....Goody Stuff.  Goody Stuff has stuck!  So to honor him and all of the fun and good times that we had I have incorporated the Holstein spots in my logo!  I have more than just my logo and business name to the be thankful to Papaw for.  He has always been a great Grandfather, role model, and buddy!   So I guess I am saying thank you to Papaw for the name, and thanks to my girls, Aunt Brenda, Mom, and Mamaw for the inspiration to create all of these Goodys and Stuff.

Papaw with my girls playing and having fun the same way that he has with me.  2 more goodies that Goody Stuff is responsible for. 


Sweet sister being comfortable in their goodies from their mother, Goody Stuff!

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  1. So glad to see you in the blogosphere! I'm looking forward to the next post and to pictures of all your fabulous creations. :)