Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baby Barnes' Gifts

The gifts that Goody Stuff created for her new nephew on the way were one of kind Goody Stuff originals.  Each had their very own special theme. 

At the first shower in Parsons Tn the theme was football.  I know that both Mom and Dad love to watch some UT football.  Mom has made it perfectly clear that she is a Tennessee Girl!  I think that they were a hit!  These hats had an outfit that was a football shirt, navy pants with a football on the bottom, and a bib with a football on it. 
Helmet Head Hat (Can be made for any team!) 

Football Head (Can even add a bow for a little girl!)
Then at the shower that I helped host there were 2 themes.  The first was a sweet blue gown with a beanie hat, and gown.  All of which were very classy looking and can be passed down and shared with a baby brother in the future!  ;)

The second theme was a fall harvest theme.  I made a burp cloth with a appliqued truck hauling a pumpkin, a brown onsie to match, and a punkin head hat! 

Punkin Head hat.  This one is a beanie, but they can also be made like a newsboy. 
Then the mother-in-law was going with a cowboy theme.  She asked me to fix her a few burp cloths that went with a sketch she had bought from Joe Vick that was a little boy riding a spring horse that resembled my brother as a little boy.  Here is what I came up with.

Then The Grand B had a few things that she needed the Goody Stuff magic touch applied too as well. 

Here is an up close picture of the wagon onsie that I made for the decorations that hung on the banner. 

When he gets here he will be decked out in B and Barnes clothes and blankets.  Looks to me like he is already spoiled rotten!

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